Sorting the Sock Drawer

FencerSorting the Sock Drawer is a performance storytelling piece that intertwines two journeys one mythical and one personal.  The protagonists of each story gain new strengths as they face challenges and arrive at journeys end with a changed and meaningful life.

A memorable and  entertaining show that is by turns funny, moving and challenging.  Intended for the general public but may be of particular interest to:-

  • those who work in health related posts
  • people facing life changing situations and those who care about them

It has been well received by a range of audiences with comments such as:-

“I recommend it. Funny, sad, thought-provoking.”

“Beautifully crafted.  I love the blend of traditional and personal story.”

“Lots of people should see this!”

“The only time we’ve had a standing ovation at the storytelling club!”


If you are interested in hosting a performance, or have any queries, please contact us.  Charges only need to cover expenses, no fees.

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